The Platform of Choice


MercerInsight is a suite of analytical tools developed to aid pension funds, government agencies, wealth managers, multi-managers and Mercer consultants, in selecting managers, implementing mandates, producing client reports and making informed investment decisions using Mercer's intellectual capital. Additionally, MercerInsight allows investment managers to increase their visibility to this broad audience.

Designed in an age where information drives decisions, MercerInsight is designed to provide clients with a wide ranging, variety of investment data. Mercer continually works to improve the quality, availability and delivery of this information.

Please see below for the range of tools available:

Mercer GIMD™



Mercer's Global Investment Manager Database (GIMDTM) is a powerful and versatile tool used by large institutions to access up-to-date information and insights on investment managers and strategies.


This comprehensive database is an intuitive web and excel based research tool that displays a wide range of information for institutional investors on over 5,300 investment managers and over 26,000 investment strategies. This information ranges from access to and analysis of performance data to viewing qualitative forward-looking research on investment managers supported by a powerful screening functionality.



MercerInsight MPA™



MercerInsightTM MPA is a web based performance evaluation tool that enables a comprehensive analysis of institutional track records against competitors, "Mercer universes" or market indices. The database contains data sourced directly from our Global Investment Manager Database (GIMDTM). GIMDTM covers over 4,800 investment managers and over 22,000 strategies, representing substantial coverage of the institutional market.


Traditional and exotic asset classes and regions are included with a continually expanding coverage of alternative asset classes. The analytical capabilities of MercerInsightTM MPA, in combination with professional charts and graphs, makes this a powerful presentation package for investment managers in communicating with their investors.



MercerInsight PST™



MercerInsight PST is a global, online, collaborative consulting software tool designed to help users perform asset allocation and portfolio structuringstudies and decisions in a unified framework using mean-variance optimisation. The tool provides a high degree of control over the asset and portfolio characteristics at each stage during its construction.


The power of MercerInsight PST lies in its ability to integrate easy to use software with our intellectual capital in a seamless manner.


The software can be used with either your own proprietary assumptions, on capital markets and portfolio alpha returns or with Mercer's assumptions, providing you with direct access to Mercer's intellectual capital.