European Asset Allocation 2010, Mercer is proud to present its 2010 asset allocation survey


The survey provides:


  • year-by-year comparisons of standard asset allocation information that form a comprehensive reference document for trends within the European pension industry
  • an indication of how pension schemes in different countries are responding to topical issues
  • market profiles on 14 individual countries


Many of the themes in this year's survey are a continuation of the trends that we have seen over the last couple of years. The major themes emerging continue to show a focus on risk management and recognition that good governance can improve the investment performance of institutional investors.


Key findings:


  • a continuation of past trends; continued move away from equities towards both bonds and non-traditional investment opportunities, and less reliance on domestic equities
  • plans have become more proactive in their approach to investment strategy e.g. last year they sought opportunities in corporate bonds now looking to emerging market debt
  • pension funds are actively considering the impact of changes in the economic environment; their biggest concern is how to protect the assets against a resurgence in inflation given the high price of inflation linked bonds


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Featured report. European institutional market place overview 2010

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