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Mercer is pleased to share a variety of media resources addressing the topic of responsible investment. The following videos and podcasts highlight the recent activities of Mercer's Responsible Investment team and demonstrate the importance of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in the context of investment decision-making and ownership practices. 


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Institutional investors' role in responsible investment 

2 March 2012 


BNN talks about the role investment managers should play in addressing environmental, social and governance issues with Jane Ambachtsheer, Partner & Global Head of Responsible Investment, Mercer.


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Duration: 8.08mins

ESG Investing 

February 2012


A recent search  carried out by asset.tv to identify the top 10 mandate searches on Bloomberg terminals showed that ESG was number one.  Neil Jefferey from asset.tv decided to speak to Rich Nuzum, US Head of Investments, who discussed Mercer's ESG ratings, how they are used by Mercer, an introduction to ESG for clients and the next steps for ESG investing.


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Duration: 13.05 mins

Mercer Stewardship Codes

January 2012


Aled Jones, Senior Associate discusses the different approaches available to investors for addressing environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in their investment strategies. In this update, Aled covers the following topics;


  • ESG strategies for investors

  • Active ownership

  • The UK Stewardship Code

  • ESG issues and alternative asset classes

  • Why a long-term perspective is important

Duration: 7:29 mins

Stewardship Codes

November 2011


Will Oulton, Head of Responsible Investment, EMEA and Aled Jones, Senior Associate, discuss the latest developments of stewardship codes across Europe. Client experience of the stewardship code and challenges the codes may present to trustees are also looked into.


Duration: 5:05 mins


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DC Plan Management and Pension Inconsistency: Is your plan at risk? / Survey finds implementation gap in socially responsible investment strategies

10 August 2010


How are environmental, social and corporate governance issues and socially responsible strategies influencing defined contribution plan management? HRadio's Richard Klein talks with Katherine Burstein about results of Mercer’s global survey of DC plan sponsors that found gaps in the implementation of corporate social responsibility strategies and explains steps companies can take to integrate socially responsible investing into their DC plans.


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Duration: 5.09 sec

HRadio: Implementing the principles of responsible investment practice

15 September 2009


What impact do responsible investment practices have on financial performance, and how are companies committed to such principles putting them into practice? Brian Minns of Mercer Toronto provides HRadio’s Richard Klein with some history on the global investor initiative Principles for Responsible Investment and Mercer research on signatories’ progress implementing the principles, culled from more than 300 survey responses.


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Duration: 10.53 sec

Emerging markets and ESG
12 May 2009


Mercer Asia Pacific's Helga Birgden looks at the growth of ESG considerations in mainstream managers investment portfolios.


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Duration: 4.19 sec

HRadio: Sustainable investment practices evolving in emerging markets

17 April 2009

Phenomenal growth in the past five years spurred depletion of natural resources in emerging markets around the world, but now sustainable investment practices - processes that integrate environmental, social and corporate factors - are evolving in these markets. Mercer's Danyelle Guyatt joins Richard Klein to discuss a new report from Mercer and the World Bank's International Finance Corporation that identifies leading investment managers pursuing sustainable investment in the emerging market region, their assets under management and their capacity for integrating ESG into investment processes.


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Duration: 12.25 sec

Climate change investment models

23 October 2008


Mercer Asia Pacific's Helga Birgden talks about the way investment models must change in a carbon trading environment.


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Duration: 5.13 sec

An insight into the way we advise clients on socially responsible investments


Socially responsible investment is grounded in the belief that environmental, social and corporate governance issues can have a material impact on corporate, and therefore, investment performance.




Listen to Craig Metrick as he explains this investing approach and how Mercer's global business unit focused on responsible investment helps clients and consultants introduce responsible investment principles and encourage their adoption within a framework acceptable to trustees and their stakeholders.


Duration: 3.59 sec



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