Where Will you Find Health Insurance in 2014?

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Where Will you Find Health Insurance in 2014?


An article published in U.S news this week referenced statistics from Mercer’s survey of 4000 employers asking them how they would be affected by the ACA.  The study concludes that employers are facing enormous uncertainties about the law’s impact.


Mercer’s CEO, Julio Portalatin, and Tracy Watts, Leader of Mercer’s Health Care Reform consulting both expressed their business concerns about the law in the article.


Julio Portalatin is quoted: “As we approach 2014, it’s a bit concerning that 32% of employers know little about the actual cost impacts of the new changes. All individuals are required to have health coverage in 2014, but because the tax penalty for not obtaining coverage insurance will be relatively low in 2014- just $95 per individual or 1% of household income- whichever is greater-some employers may still choose to go bare.”


View full article: "Where Will you Find Health Insurance in 2014?" Published by U.S. News 

28 June 2013.

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