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Offering the right expatriate package is a major factor in attracting, retaining and motivating your global workforce.


Mercer’s web-based application, Global HRMonitor®, acts as a single source, supporting you in all aspects of managing your expatriate employees on a worldwide and/or regional basis.


Global HRMonitor® tools support both traditional solutions, such as home-country balance sheet calculations, as well as new solutions to intra-regional and third-country-national transfers, all using our sophisticated in-house technology. These online tools allow users to customise their data and ensure the timely delivery of high-quality information, presented in a manner that meets the needs of individual HR programs, administrators and employees.

Key features

  • Make expatriate balance sheet calculations easily
  • Address expatriate cost-of-living issues
  • Compensate employees on short-term assignments
  • Evaluate expatriate housing costs
  • Set quality-of-living/hardship allowances
  • Assess expatriate tax issues
  • Understand global statutory benefit and employment conditions
  • Compare expatriate packages with local salaries and benefits
  • Review key economic indicators
  • Obtain detailed facts and information on expatriate destinations worldwide
  • Track exchange rate and inflation movements

Global HRMonitor®'s calculators and reports

The reports and built-in calculators allow you to customise the data to your own specific needs and to obtain the best return on investment from your international assignments.


  • Cost-of-Living Index Calculator: tailors your COL index calculations
  • Cost-of-Living Allowance Calculator: provides COLA goods and services
  • Short-Term Assignment Allowance Calculator: determines competitive daily (per diem) allowances for your employees
  • Expatriate Accomodation Calculator: defines accomodation costs according to your policy
  • Quality-of-Living Calculator: determines appropriate hardship allowance based on QOL differentials
  • Hypothetical Personal Tax Calculator: provides net-to-gross and gross-to-net calculators
  • Expatriate Compensation Calculator: automatically computes expatriate balance sheet calculations
  • International Spendable Income Calculator: helps to determine adequate spendable income levels when transferring employees from countries with less competitive compensation levels.




  • Employment Conditions: compares specific employment conditions beween countries
  • Statutory Benefits: compares statutory advantages between countries


  • Cost-of-Living Reports
  • Quality-of-Living Reports
  • Personal Tax Reports
  • Expatriate Accomodation Costs Reports
  • MercerPassport (Employee Mobility and Start Guides)
  • Compensation Overview Reports
  • Benefits, Policies and Practice Reports
  • Statutory Benefits Reports
  • Employment Condition Reports  

Pricing information

Select the membership option that best fits your needs

You may opt to have complete access to the entire global database or choose a flexible package based on the countries where you need total remuneration information.


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