Achieving the right outcomes for you and your workforce

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  • Mercer and Stanford Center on Longevity Series: Mercer has partnered with the Stanford Center on Longevity to develop a thought leadership series on retirement income adequacy. View the series >
  • Securing Retirement Outcomes Point-of-View: Learn how Mercer Retirement Income Principles can guide employers to the best 
  • Retirement Education: US retirement education campaign helps uncover mysteries behind retirement planning
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Securing Retirement Outcomes for Employees   Creating High-Performing DC Plans
The days of corporate retirement programs being a valued benefit appear numbered, as employers focus increasingly on managing benefit costs and risks. At Mercer we believe that a change in focus toward outcome-oriented goals can fundamentally alter the retirement conversation and deliver better results for all.

1. Securing Retirement Outcomes for Employees (POV)
2. Corporate Retirement Plans – What’s the Point?
3. Mercer Workplace Survey
4. Making Smart Benefit Choices
5. Mercer and Stanford Center on Longevity – Article Series

High-performing DC plans help attract, motivate and retain the best employees. Mercer provides end-to-end DC consulting from plan design to investment advice to administration. Our DC specialists work with multinational and domestic clients to ensure that their DC plans fit their corporate objectives and help employees plan and save for retirement.

1. Risk management for global DC pension schemes
2. Developing a global policy for controlling your DC plans
3. DC Fee Management
4. An Introduction to Delegated DC
5. Role of Customization in DC Plans

Mercer DC – Achieving the right outcomes for you and your workforce
With Mercer, you receive relevant advice and sophisticated solutions so that your plan is founded on sound governance and best practice. We strip away the complexity to create retirement solutions that, for you, are simple to manage and for your employees are easy to understand. However, we don't stop there. Thanks to our unique talent and benefit insights, we know that your DC plan is a strategic tool to drive workforce and financial performance. We connect your employees’ desire for a secure financial future with your need to create a high-performing workforce - creating the right outcomes to deliver business success.