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Visit Mercer's climate change launch events and connect with our people:

Region Brief description Who When
Asia Pacific Mercer's Global Investment Forum - Melbourne * Danyelle Guyatt & VicSuper February 28 - March 1
Mercer's Global Investment Forum - Singapore * Helga Birgden & Asian Development Bank March 4


Ceres/INCR webinar - online

New Perspectives on Fiduciary Responsibility but part of 21st Century Investment Success - Integrating the Low Carbon Framework webinar series

Craig Metrick February 4
FT RI conference - New York

Craig Metrick

March 9
PRI webinar - online

Craig Metrick

April 14
Mercer's Global Investment Forum - Chicago*

Craig Metrick

June 9


PIAC conference panel - Toronto

Jane Ambachtsheer & OMERS

May 12
Managing climate change risks roundtable - Winnipeg

Jane Ambachtsheer & Dr. Danny Blair, Principal, Richardson College of the Environment and Acting Dean of Science, University of Winnipeg

October 19

UK/Europe P8 conference - Brussels

Danyelle Guyatt

February 8-9
London live launch event with Jeremy Grantham - London

Danyelle GuyattWill Oulton

February 15
AP1 event - Stockholm

Danyelle GuyattWill Oulton & AP1

February 22
Mercer Climate Change Report - Lunch Meeting - Zurich, Switzerland

Danyelle Guyatt

March 30
Mercer's Global Investment Forum - Dublin *

Danyelle GuyattWill Oulton

April 12-13

Mercer's Global Investment Forums 2011 take place in six cities; Melbourne, Singapore, Dublin, Chicago, Stockholm and Montreal throughout the year. The theme for the Forums is 'adjusting to new realities'.


We will be hunting for opportunities as well as explaining the context behind the changing investment patterns that we expect to evolve. As importantly we will be reflecting on the 'new uncertainties' that will inevitably accompany the 'life changing' developments to the world economy which we now believe are underway.



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