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This quarter’s Perspectives is packed with Mercer’s views on some of the key investment opportunities we are seeing across the Asia Pacific. Our investment specialists are committed to translating the ideas presented here into practical services and solutions according to a gradient of where you are on our investment ‘continuum’. For deeper insight and information on our featured articles, or how they can
apply to your investment program, please contact us.

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Stephen Roberts 
Leader of Mercer's Investments business, Asia Pacific


Feature articles

A mid-year review of challenges and opportunities for 2012

The investment environment isn’t getting any easier. Economic activity generally remains weak, levels of market uncertainty (particularly in relation to ongoing turmoil in the Eurozone) are extremely high, and the outlook remains unpredictable.


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Mercer's latest DAA capital markets update

Markets have been dominated by macroeconomic developments and policy responses,
creating an extremely unpredictable short-term environment with potentially significant
downside risk. In this environment we’re advising our clients to adhere to their long-term
benchmarks in growth assets, balancing this short term risk with a longer term positive
equity valuation story.


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Private Equity: A view from the US

Mercer’s private equity specialists based in the US, Harry Leggat (St. Louis) and Michael
Forestner, CFA (Atlanta) report on the current state of the US Private Equity market and some trends they are seeing globally in this asset class.


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Asian bonds emerging from the East

Asia has become a major growth engine of the global economy. However, the Asian fixed income market remains somewhat of an enigma to many investors. This article seeks to provide an overview of the asset class, past and future return drivers and key considerations when choosing to make an allocation.


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Real estate case study:
Moving from a domestic to a global real estate strategy

Do you believe your real estate portfolio could benefit from the exposure to a broader opportunity set? Experts from Mercer’s real estate boutique set out the steps trustees can take to diversify real estate strategies.


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How strong is the bond?

Bonds were the best-performing asset over the year to 30 June 2012 as investors sought a “safe haven” from market turmoil driven by Eurozone debt concerns. Looking forward however, a lower-yielding environment creates some new challenges for investors.

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Australian syndicated loans

Sue Wang, Mercer’s Bonds Specialist Team Leader in Asia Pacific, discusses opportunities for non-bank lenders in Australia to participate more meaningfully in the syndicated loans market, an arena until now dominated by the big four Australian banks.

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Carbon risk - today, tommorow and in the future

On the 1st of July 2012 the Australian Government implemented Australia’s clean energy legislation in the form of a carbon tax - $23 per kilo-tonne on the carbon dioxide missions of Australia’s largest polluters. This carbon tax is set to rise by 5%p.a. over the next three years and convert to an emissions trading scheme in mid 2015. By joining global leaders in ratifying its agreement to the Kyoto Protocol, Australia looks to fund clean energy innovation and investment, while also ensuring the long term viability of our Emissions Intensive Trade Exposed (EITE) industries with this carbon pricing scheme and its related assistance packages.

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Countdown to stronger super

While the Australian superannuation industry is navigating its way through volatile
investment markets, it is also contending with the introduction of Stronger Super reforms,
which represent the most significant regulatory and legislative changes since the
compulsory super system was established more than 20 years ago in Australia.

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